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Welcome to ICON, the game-changing sports app that empowers athletes to take control of their personal brand. Traditionally, clubs have held all the power, owning players’ data, profits from their name, and all related content. Players were left without access to their own data, brand ownership, or any share in the profits from their image. ICON is here to change that.

By helping athletes to create and own their brand, ICON enables them to connect with their audience, turning fans into loyal customers. Our services include developing a unique logo and the perfect tone of voice for their brand, essential elements that set them apart from the competition.

Build your identity and monetise your brand.

ICON’s innovative marketing strategy tool provides athletes with everything they need to market themselves effectively. This includes a responsive website featuring their brand, sporting stats, video content, merch store, and tools for first-party data collection. Our approach transforms their digital strategy, helping them create engaging content and build a robust data and revenue model.

Generating revenue is intuitive with ICON, offering diverse models like ad-based, affiliate, transactional and subscription revenue. Athletes can also benefit from their own video channel, merch store and leveraging newsletters for brand loyalty and marketing.

Additionally, our agent portal offers comprehensive support for negotiations, public relations and analytics, making ICON not just an app but a comprehensive platform for athletes to own their narrative and thrive.

Talk to us about ICON today and start building a legacy that’s truly their own.


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